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Random Shiny Objects

February 21 · Issue #3 · View online

Martin Walfisz distracted by games, technology and politics.

Happy Sunday morning! Here are some nice reading suggestions, mostly on encryption and U.S. politics. :) 
I’m going skiing for a week with the family, so the news digest will be on ice (hah!) for a few days. 

The Five Rules Of Australia's Most Successful Game Creator | Kotaku Australia
The 227-Year-Old Statute Being Used to Order Apple to Endanger Your Privacy, Explained
If Apple loses to the FBI, we're all screwed
Hospital Pays $17,000 Ransom to Reclaim Its Files
Why one feminist woman is voting for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders
Varieties of Voodoo - The New York Times
The Bernie Sanders campaign owes a lot to social media.
Has Apple ever made a product with bad design? - Quora
The Division is shaping up to be one of the most unique games of this generation | VG247
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